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Die Wiederherstellung des Looshauses in Wien / The restoration of the Looshaus in Vienna

SONDERAUSGABE DES ISG-MAGAZINS ANLÄSSLICH 100 Jahre Denkmalschutzgesetz und 40 Jahre ISG-Magazin!

There could not possibly be a more fitting topic for an ISG magazine for this special occasion, than the “restoration of the Loos House in Vienna” by architect Burkhard Rukschcio. Because he describes, how a building, which had already been placed under monument protection law in 1947 by the farsighted Dr Otto Demus, was able to be destroyed by successive remodeling, after the 2nd World War – an architectural true crime case.

We are supposed to learn from history: Burkhard Rukschcio depicts in great detail that the restoration project on the Loos House was a once-in-a-lifetime chance and could probably not be accomplished again today. Ute Georgeacopol, an employee of the atelier Rukschcio during the restoration period, agrees with him in her epilogue. Unfortunately, there has been a loss of building fabric of the Loos House even since then, because of the lack of knowledge and the lack of understanding of the architecture of the modern area and what Adolf Loos pioneered in his work.

There are rumors that the building has just been sold once again. Let´s hope that the new owners will be persuaded to understand the value of this architectural monument and that they will actively support the conservation of the icon “Loos House”. It is up to us all to participate in the effort of persuasion.

The issue is available at office@staedteforum.at

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